Affordable Watches for Car Enthusiasts

It is probably safe to say that every car enthusiast loves a good watch on his wrist. However, after all the money is spent on car parts and services, the funds for fancy watches are kind of gone. James Bond kind of watches, anyway.

Watches For Car Enthusiasts

With our love for smart phones, the need for actual wrist watch is eliminated. The desire for such watch is only out of love and desire to express personality and style that you can wear on your sleeve.

Just like with cars, where many devotees would love to have 10 fun cars in their garage rather than one super vehicle, many watch lovers desire to have a few watches versus just one, however good it is.

There are countless lists of watches that cost an arm and a leg, so we went a different route and created a list that many car lovers will appreciate as those watches won’t break the bank. Some are classier while others are on a wilder side. There is something for everyone. In addition to watches, you should have some tools and supplies to replace and switch bands to create unique combinations with what you have.

1. Seiko x Giugiaro SCEDo35 ($350)

Giugiaro really designed this watch and Sigourney Weaver really wore it in the 1979 Allien, so you will have a piece of history. Original releases are going for about $800, but more recent re-releases can be had for a lot less.

2. Timex Waterbury World Time 43 ($179)

This beautiful watch is made for world travel. Off-roading and biking will be cooler with this watch on your wrist. The faded world map background definitely stands out and so do 24 time zones, water resistance, traditional “Indigo” light up feature.

3. Casio Databank Calculator Gold ($63)

All the 80s kids know this watch. It was the “it” item then and have made a nice comeback. This retro watch will help you calculate your MPGs while being cheap, light, and with virtually endless lifespan.

4. Nixon Sentry Chrono Leather 42 ($250)

Nixon is known for making stylish and affordable timepieces for a long time. Action sports magazines featured them quite often and as we all know, advertising can really make a mark. The watches are maturing in style, together with their early users, but it’s like a good wine.

5. Armogan Le Mans ($220)

This watch features two-dial design and is classy and great looking. The color combination of black, gold, and just a dash of green will compliment any style and every wrist. The band is sporty and elegant at the same time. With this watch you can go from your office desk straight into your racing car.

6. Swatch Tartanotto ($75)

This whimsical watch features tartan design that would feel at home on a vintage seat. It was designed by Paola Navone specifically for Swatch and offers great quality for a very small price for every minimalist out there.

7. Trifoglio Italia Milimetro ($395)

The dial here is a nod to aviator watches and is mechanically awesome. It features three independent rotating discs that all together show you the current time. This timepiece feels like it was made for car enthusiasts. All the information needed is in the plain site and the style is unmatched. The black and rose gold combination with all the cool features can be the talk of the table during your next car club meeting.

8. Omologato Can Am ($440)

The case is square and the twin dial design takes this watch back to 1970s, when Camaro watch was all the rage. Bold even numerals definitely stand out from the crowd and offer low-volume timepiece experience for a fair price. The watch is designed in the UK, but speaks to North American racers loud and clear.

9. Fossil Q Gen Smart Explorist ($275)

Fossil used to be known as the first watch you buy in college, but modern versions are better than that. This smart watch can be configured in many different ways, the touchscreen face is very large, and the price is not bad. You can have your Google maps while driving, so that you can keep your phone tucked away, as you always should.

10. Nixon Newton ($100)

This little watch just oozes tons of style for a very low price. You can’t go wrong with it if you want to show off. You can choose between analog and digital based on your style. The watch is out of production now, but you can easily get one on eBay.