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Frequently Asked Questions

Question.Why are your watches so cheap/inexpensive? They look really nice,what's the catch? Are they good value?, are they reliable?,is the build quality any good?
Answer.They are VERY nicely built,reliable,and extremely good value with no catch, but very few people have ever heard of them!.If they were Famous Brands they would be twice the price and maybe more,even though our watches use many famous brand movements (Citizen/Miyota/Swiss E.T.A/Ronda etc) such is the mark up at many high street stores.We therefore keep the prices very low to try and establish the brands.Also the German economy is not so hot at the moment,and has not been for quite a while,so we keep the prices very competetive to keep turning over business.Have a look at the bottom of this page for some customer Comments/Testimonials.


Where do all the watch Workings/Movements come from?.


The movements are Seiko or Miyota/Citizen of Japan (8215/8210 Mechanical) or OS60/80/10 Chronograph Quartz & Swiss ETA (G10/11)  and many Swiss Ronda and ISA Quartz movements.They are modified for different cases/models/Functions/any possible reliability issues,and completed in Germany.Very early models had Chinese movements,but were not reliable.Japanese and Swiss movements are now used all through the ranges.

You will be more than suprised how nice all  the watches really are.

Question.When you say 'Limited Edition',are you being genuine, or is it just a sales ploy?
Answer.All of our watches are GENUINE Limited editions even if it does not say so on the watch.The total output per model is usually no higher than 200/300 pieces.They are made in limited numbers to "Test" the market,so if it does not sell well,it is no longer produced,its as simple as that!.This is great news for collectors and people who really like to buy exclusive products, but not always good news for us. When we get a best seller, once the total production has been reached there are no more available,especially if the model did not sell well in another Market country!.


Is Shipping with Insurance included to the UK/USA/Worldwide?


YES. Delivery time is approx 5-15 days dependant on country,although we cannot be responsable for your country's postal system delivery times. We use the UK Royal Mail recorded Air Mail system or DPL or Deutche Post as Fed-Ex/UPS etc are too expensive and would put another 40-50% on the watch price.Insurance is INCLUDED


Is the warranty worth a Dime?,is it with you or the manufacturer?.


You get a 24 month warranty with nearly all our watches.We are Authorised and designated dealers for all the brands we sell,and we sort any problems as quick as we can.90% of our business is return customers.What is not covered are crowns,glass,straps and batteries (this is in common with nearly all manufacturers).We check each and every watch that goes out,and due to the constant evolution of our watch designs and movements,warranty issues are extremely rare.We will NOT however cover water resistance claims,unless of course you have purchased a diving watch,then there is no question.


Can we take Visa/Mastercard/Maestro/Switch and now American Express direct?.Can we accept Bank Wire Transfer and Money Orders?.Can I order direct by phone?.How can i pay with PayPal?


Yes,we can securely take all cards.Our new AMEX facility is now up and running. We are very proud of this Exclusive facility as not everyone is selected to offer this.We can also now offer Bank Wire Transfer and International Money Orders.To order direct,please contact us on:+44(0)1952 411463 OR +44(0)1584 841082.

To pay with PayPal,let us know what model you require,let us know your PayPal E-mail address,and we will send you an invoice...Simples!


Why should I buy from you?


Our prices INCLUDE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE,and In the unlikely event you have a problem with a watch (We carefully check each and EVERY one before dispatch) we promise to repair/replace the watch as quickly as we can. We do not sell Refurbished/Graded stock through a back door on E-bay,only new and factory fresh Items.We are AUTHORISED dealers in all models we sell,and will not leave your ownership experience tainted,or insist you contact the manufacturer after a certain time.A good analogy would be do you buy your new car from Bloggs Autos or the main dealer?. If you have a problem and call us,we have a phone number and will answer it,If you E-mail us,we will answer.It's a simple as that.We dont hide and avoid contact as other dealers do.Also,if the watch is to be a gift,your 7 day cooling off period (as per the distance selling act)can be started at the moment the lucky recipient opens his/her watch box.All we ask is that the watch is unworn.

In Short..we look after you.Without our customers we are nothing

Question.Are my card details secure with your system?
Answer.Yes, details are taken in a highly secure area (Look for the "Https"line in the order area, or check the 'Thwarte' security certificate on our home page/Checkout area.This denotes a secure page). We treat your details as highly confidential and are destroyed after use. Once again we are very proud of this facility as it is very difficult to obtain in the UK unless you are a reputable company.

Question.Can we accept PayPal/Western Union/Nochex/Wire Transfer as a form of Payment as well as ordinary Credit/Debit/Maestro etc Cards?
Answer.Yes, please ask for details.You can use Paypal,but please note that PAYPAL is NOT our preferred method of payment.We prefer Western Union money orders,Credit/Debit cards and wire/bank transfer and Nochex on-line payments.All methods of payments including PayPal are free of charge to use with us.

Question.Can I buy and view the watches from/in your office?
Answer.Yes, that is no problem and a pleasure, just call us and arrange a time/day. We must warn you though the decisions will be very difficult as to which watch do you have!. Credit cards are usually left whimpering with all our visitors as buyers often say 'I will just have to have that one as well!'.

Question.What are your Office hours? Can I call you to have a chat/make a purchase by phone?

No Problem.Our office hours are from 9.30AM until around Midnight GMT 7 days a week.

The Tel Numbers are:+44(0)1952 411463,OR +44(0)1584 841082. We are always happy to talk about our watches.


Why dont you have a 'Testimonial' page?.What do customers think of the watches?.


The design of our site limits the space we have to do this,although we have thought of it before.Here is just a couple of examples.These are REAL examples from real people and not fabricated by us.we thank them very sincerely for their kind words.

Nick, Just to advise you that the watch arrived safe and sound and is excellent value!.I`m very pleased with it and the service has been top
notch Regards Del Breingan.

Dear Sir,just to let you know my order Ref 397209905 arrived today. Many thanks for a quick delivery! Very pleased with the item indeed and I will return again as soon as funds allow. Regards,J. Davies

Gentlemen and/or Ladies:
I just received my three watches that I ordered from your great website.  I ordered these sight unseen and with no word-of-mouth information regarding your company or its reputation.  I must say that, odd as it  may sound,  when  I  visited  your website  I sensed  honesty  and  fairness.   I'm a  very  good  judge of  people,  but  it's a  little  scary  when  I  consider that  I  might  just  be a  good  judge  of  websites also.   Nah,  that's  a  little too weird  for  me.Back to the subject at hand.  Your watches are terrific!  They are absolutely as advertised and more.  These are fine timepieces available at rock-bottom prices.  I nearly had myself convinced that I was a fancier of Poljot watches, and had indeed purchased two of  them.   I  do realize that  the  watches  I received  from  you could very  well have been made on the same  machinery and in  the same  plants as the Poljots,  but  your  particular  models  far  excel  Poljot's in  style,  quality, and  price.   I'm  particular  to  larger,  military  style  watches,  which not  only  do  you  provide, but you  go one better by, in some cases, providing a perfectly appropriate and attractive patina of age.  Count me as a regular customer and I shall recommend your watches to whomever shall listen.  You provided excellent, courteous, and timely service.  Not only that, but as I opened the shipping box from the bottom, I have a shipping box with genuine Royal Mail markings and attachments.  So not only did I get my biscuits, but I got free gravy.  Thank you so much. R.Morris.

To all at Werners.Just to let you know how pleased I am with my T37 watch.It arrived with me about a week ago.I have already given it a very hard life but it keeps on tickin!.Am sure some of the other guys will want one as well,so look forward to further orders and keep up the good work.Paul Sutton @ Shell Exploration

Dear Nick
The T37 arrived today, and what can I say, it is even better than I had hoped for.My No2 son, Richard is now desparate to own the yellow version, please put one aside for me,will be in touch sometime on Thursday.Regard's,John Worrall.

Dear Nick at Werners, Many thanks for sending the V2 Aeromatic and the Big Flieger-they are fabulous!!, and I particularly like the V2,what a cracking watch!!.Best Wishes,back soon!,Matthew Rodley.

Nick,Send me another x2 of the big diver chronographs ASAP!.Have sold mine to one of the lads after being severely pestered,and I want another!.Have also sold another one to a work colleague.Will phone you soon to confirm.Lance at Texaco Distribution.

Hi Nick:Please be advised, I have just received my watch, i´t is really beautifull. Thanks.Now I want the calender 35 auto.Kind regards Eduardo Ballesteros/México.

Hi Nick at Werners,Just to let you know that I have received the watch safe and sound.It is exactly as you described it,although I was worried it would not be when I ordered it.Very happy!,thank you.Robert F.

Hello,I wanted to let you know that my O/B Uhr watch has just arrived and it is absolutely beautiful,Much nicer than the pictures. Good shipping time too.I will definitely recommend your store to anyone.Thanks!.Brian Steigler.

Thanks Nick.You're stuff is great. Just got the U 99 (I think that's right-the light-colored face diving watch) today and it's fabulous.I don't know how you can offer such quality product at the prices you do, but keep it up.Bob.

Yo Nick,Received watches yesterday (Tuesday) and am wearing them today. They arrived
safe and sound and took 5 days for them to reach my doorstep from the when Iordered them, what fantastic service. Thank you Post Office and thanks to you Nick for packing and shipping them off in double quick time.Thanks again.
Abel (New Zealand).

Dear Nick,The watch is lovely,Husband is very happy,So am I.Thank you very much.Best Regards Pippa. 

As the leader of a lowland search & rescue team, I need to have confidence in the time piece that I use & just looking at the build quality as well as the overall feel of the time piece, I already know that this watch is going to give years of faultless service.Great quality, great value & excellent service.  I will not hesitate in reccomending you to others.Kind regards,Bob Knott.

I received my watches on Friday and it was the most pleasant surprise, the Aeromatic watches are ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC.  I was extremely pleased with the metal tins they came in and the way they were packaged, especially with the distance they traveled that surely kept them secure. As a collector and as a professional in the manufacturing of high precision components for 30 years the details are very important to me,  and I was so very impressed with these pieces.  The dial printing is flawless, the hand forming is crisp and very uniform and the cases fit and finish is as nice as on other watches I have in my collection that cost 4 - 5 times what these are.  Needless to say I am very impressed with the high quality of these watches, there is some serious workmanship that has gone into making them. And is very representative of the German craftsmanship of years past.  Where ever and who ever is manufacturing these is definitely taking there time and building some great quality into these pieces.  They are a fantastic value and represent something that has been lost in our throw away world.It is so refreshing to be able to have unique products like these Areomatic watches and still have them affordable.Thank you for the great service and integrity of your company and I am already looking at what my next choices will be.It has been a great pleasure working with you, please keep me posted of new items that become available. Thanks Again,  Gene M. Andre'Fredonia, WI., USA.(We were especially pleased with this one,thanks again Gene from all at Werners).

Subject: Order 694441561
Enquiry: I want to congratulate you for your outstanding service : I have ordered a nightfighter chronograph on october 1st and received it in Paris to-day,october 6 ! Super job ! The watch is very nice and I am very pleased with it!You have got a new customer.Thanks again.Best regards S Vanni.

Dear Sales,I would like to say a big thank you for your fantastic delivery time(we received yesterday morining) and it is excellent watch.  My hubby is very pleased with it.Many thanks Sabita Lawson.

Subject: Thank you.
Enquiry: I was as Hyperactive as a little kid when my girlfriend gave me  my S.L World Time Chrono which she ordered for me last week. (What a beauty!!)This watch has far surpased my expectations and has made me a bit of star amoung my fiends. They have all bugged me for the address of your site. + 3 complete strangers have stopped me and have asked me on the way to work where I got my watch. All this in the last 4 days!! Thank you. I am now waiting for my next pay check so that I can buy the S.L Night Fighter v2 chrono. Which I am praying will still be in stock. Please hold one for me. And thank you again I am a one very happy Boy!! Nick West. Paris FR.

Hi Werners UK,Watches arrived this morning. Excellent service.Thanks.Watches are everything I expected and more given the pictures etc from your website.Very satisfied.
kind regards,Jack.

J'ai bien reçu vos montres, elles sont superbe, je pense que je vais passer une commande bientôt en vous remerçiant encore A très bientôt.Anthony 

Hi Nick many very nice watches, very impressed with my Navi Alarm what great quality at a great price some friends will be ordering from you shortly, many thanks for acting so quickley with my current order, Great service will do business again.Cheers Jay.

Hi there, and many thanks; the watch arrived Saturday morning and I am very pleased with it.as Arnie says "I'll be back".Best regards, John O'Donnell.

Dear Nick @ Werners

You may have noticed that over the past year I have bought a few watches from you. I just wanted to tell you how many very postive comments I receive on the watches when people see them - hence I buy them often as gifts. This order is to replace my watch which I gave to someone after crumbling to the pressure of their continuos pleading for it!!.Many thanks for providing such a great product.Regards

Paul Feakes (Thanks Paul,sorry we dont always remember your repeat custom)

Hi Nick,Watch ordered Wednesday - arrived securely Friday.Delighted with the appearance and quality.
My preference for comfort but had the metal bracelet removed and replaced with the excellent leather strap you enclosed  
Will recommend you to others as these watches are so amazing and affordable.
Peter Hendley
PS - Also liked the image of a Connie on the jiffy bag and invoice - reminded me of being a kid in East Anglia at the time of the Cold War where I often saw military versions flying into USAF Milldenhall. (Many thanks Peter,we love our Connie as well).

I just get hold of my S77 Lux and what can I say, it's just excellent! 
You are right, online images simply dooesn't do it justice,


Dear Nick,I have indeed recieve it today, I love it.Thank you and warm regards,

Sergio Russi.

Dear Nick
Received my T37 Divers Watch this morning I have been a personal collector over the past 26 years.During this time I have had a pre owned Rolex Submariner TAG Divers Seiko & Ollech & Weiss
This T37 matches and exceeds all of the above in terms of quality detail, the bracelet is reminiscent of the older Omegas.As you rightly say it's a UNIQUE WATCH with its own identity Tauchmeister Will undoubtedly be endorsed by me.Thanks Again One Very Happy Customer.
Best Reguards,Kieron Knox.

Good Evening.
The watch arrived this morning. Thank you very much for a fantastic watch, and for your speedy and efficient service. I will definately be using your company again!.Regards,
Emma Cook.

Hi Nick,just to confirm I received my watch on monday.Beautiful watch, perfect service !
I'm thinking to the next one .............

Thank you
Regards,Alfredo Zagaglia.

I received the winderful watch this morning. All is OK.Many thanks.
Robert NOE.

Hi Nick,Received watch this morning,next day delivery, very impressed. Great watch very happy with it.Thankyou again.Regards,Jacqui McDonald.

Subject: Many Thanks
Enquiry: Dear Sir
 Just a note in praise of your prompt service (watch ordered pm 21/5 arrived pm 22/5). I am very pleased with my V2 watch and if it runs as well as it looks you will have a repeat customer for a long time .I would recommend your store to anyone. (you may use this note on your site if you wish)
 Many Thanks Reg Magee.

Nick, Hi., I received my watch to-day excellent!  Thanks very much.  The watch and service is very impressive. I will undoubtedly be ordering from you in the future, with no hesitation.  Thanks again for the excellent product and service.Regards,Peter G. Watson.

Hi Nick,
I recd. watch in post this morning, looks good & feels good, at least I can now see the time properly, without needing glasses
many thanks for quick delivery
A happy watcher

Just a quick note to say many thanks for not only the very quick delivery but also the high quality Submariner GMTV2 watch.
Having had many watches over the years, this timepiece is very well built and robust for everyday wear.

Thanks again!,Perminder

Dear nick,just a line to say ,how happy i am ,with the watch many thanks lance kahaki hereford p s hope to do business with you in the future.

Subject: Thank you 'Werners'
Enquiry: What can i say accept thank you because these watches are fantastic for the value. I am so proud to be owning the very special U92 MILITARY DIVERS WATCH and the beautiful WW1 STYLE POCKET/WRIST COMBINATION. I was also shocked with delivery time and care with the order that i placed on sunday PM and to find it arrived tuesday PM safe and sound. All my friends and family are all wanting different types of watches from WERNERS after seeing mine. So thank you again for everything.
Mr Wayne Smith, Leeds u.k.

i wanted to find a watch that was different for my boyfriend and i did with werners. i order the WW1 style pocket/wrist watch.i order it sunday pm and it arrived today (tuesday)pm. my boyfriend loves this watch, because its so different. i will soon be purchasing one of your watches for my dad as he loves it to. thank you very much for all your quality and speed.
jaimie-clare ball, bradford.

Hi Nick,
Just a few lines to say thank you. I am VERY pleased with the watch. As you
rightly state, the pictures do not do it justice.
Also, the speed of service was excellent.

Would thoroughly recommend you to others. I know I will be back, as you have
definitely started something for me !!

Best regards Nige

Just like to take this opportunity to say thanks well impressed with my
purchase great delivery time.Just trying to decide which other models to purchase Brilliant value for money.Best Regards.Dave.

Hello again Nick,My B3LXL seems to be o.k. now I've reset the sweep hand. It is the best of the five watches I have had from you, and I would like to offer some constructive customer feed-back.As an instrument rated private pilot, I rely on accurate timing of approach let-downs, hold pattern legs etc.  The sweep and chrono hands of the B3LXL are very easy to see without having to move my hand away from the controls or throttle. I would plead with the manufacturer to replace the dull red chrono and sweep hands on other models with the same "day-glo" coloured hands of the B3LXL..I have shown the watch to colleagues, and they are amazed by the clarity.Thanks once again for excellent customer service and real value for money.You may put this feed-back on your web-site if you wish. Kind regards,John Murphy (Castelhackett).

Hi Nick,Here's one for your web site:

Success! The watch has just arrived and I love it! Its a beautiful timepiece that really is what I have been searching for for my husband  for ages.I think I may try to borrow it when I can. Thank you for all your help, your care and service was excellent.Best regards,Kate Clarkson.

Hi Nick,Just a quick word to say how much I like the Aeromatic Sun & Moon Automatic watch you sent, watch arrived last Friday, but have just got around to wearing it today. I was a bit apprehensive about buying a watch without seeing it in the flesh first, but no worries with the watch, nicely made & designed....Will keep an eye on the Empire Range on the site for any new models, thanks again,Neil.

Hi again Nick.
Just a quick email to let you know that the watch arrived safely today & its even better than the picture on your site!.I shall definately be ordering watches from your site in future.Once again thanks & all the best,Jerry.