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A1341 WW1 Red Baron Pocket/Wrist Combination.

Superb new model WW1 style watch!. Acheived by literally placing a 40mm pocket watch on a special arm band. This Elegant design of timepiece was very common in the early days of Aviation.

The Flying Officer could remove the watch from its securing point on the wrist band after flying duties, then use the watch in pocket form with formal wear for a night of high spirits in the Mess!. If Baron Von Richtofen had a watch, it most surely could have looked like this!.

Just a stunning and novel design with MORE than a hint of old style charm and Elegance not seen nowadays without costing an arm and a leg. The Strap/Band itself is a work of art in leather.


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A1341 WW1 Red Baron Pocket/Wrist Combination. for only 99.95