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A1131 Super large Chronograph.

Here is another truly spectacular Chronograph watch. The face diameter is 47mm! (Excluding the crowns/Pushers), with a water resistant to 50Metres/5Atm screw back casing depth of 14. 3mm. The mod 767 is made from lightweight but extremely tough 316-L stainless steel, has a fully functional chronograph section with flyback action that is capable of reading sec to 12 hours. The highly accurate and reliable electronic movement is made by Citizen/Miyota. The watch has x2 (1x Tachymeter/1x 24 hour) scales, both are rotatable/scalable (Outer by the left hand crown, Inner by the bottom left crown).

With the Outer tachy scale set to the '0/60/12' position operating the chronograph will give you your speed over a known distance. I. E, taking 9 seconds to travel 1 mile you will be travelling at approx 400 miles per hour, at 15 seconds approx 240MPH and so on. The scale can then be re-calibrated for higher speeds using the left hand crown. We at werners like to tell you these things, because nobody else seems to bother. .

On a size basis, if you think of a normal 40mm watch fitting within the white circle/24 hour scale on the face, thats about it on a size of view!. The superb white dials are fully functional. The convex glass is high grade mineral. The high quality leather strap has an engraved buckle and compliments the watch nicely. Overall an outstanding, exclusive and superb timepiece at an excellent price that would make a great Zulu watch!.

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A1131 Super large Chronograph. for only 139.95