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Berlin Chronograph

A Fine selection of watches from our oldest manufacturer.

The new larger V-Series have modified Seiko movements. They are all truly great watches, and a super buy!.

Very IWC we must say. Here is a video about the P7S:


The new F-Series? Wow!,thats all we can say!. Breitling Beware at these prices!!!

But hurry if you want one, its an outgoing model we think.



Throughout this site you can see the information and a close-up of every watch just by clicking on the watch in question.

Please note that all prices include insured shipping/postage worldwide.

New Model! : V3/4Jet GMT Flight Alarm Chronograph
Price 199.95 More Info
New Model! : V4/4Jet GMT Flight Alarm Chronograph
Price 179.95 More Info
New Model! : V5/4Jet GMT Flight Alarm Chronograph
Price 159.95 More Info
New Model! : V6/4Jet GMT Flight Alarm Chronograph
Price 189.95 More Info