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Divers Watches/Tauchmeister

A superb selection of watches especially suitable for diving.The quality of this range of watches really does have to be seen to be believed. The construction is way above what you may expect for this price range,in fact, to be frank, the watches are way underpriced for what they are.  When we first received them,we did think the depth claims were frankly outrageous,but the Tauchmeister (Dive Master) range is now in service with divers all over the world, and are more than living up to expectations with no problems.

And even now,after the enevitable price rises, a trip to a local shopping center revealed they are still VERY good value for money compared to the expensive bling available therein.

As a Further note and new development we decided to random pressure test with a Rolex dealer the U-Marine range...All passed!!. One of our customers did a similar test in France with his T37/B/V,and it passed with flying colours.

Throughout this site you can see the information and a close-up of every watch just by clicking on the watch in question.

Please note that all prices include insured shipping/postage worldwide.

Back in Stock!! : T0138 T38MKII Blue Bezel 20ATM
Price 124.95 More Info
T0176-1 Submariner Auto.
Price 145.95 More Info
T0200 Stingray Diver Swiss V2
Price 179.95 More Info
T0109 Stingray Auto Diver
Price 219.95 More Info