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We want you to enjoy using the site, but please read the conditions below.

The Werners Flying Watches web site has been provided as a means of placing orders with Werners Flying Watches. The site will not be used for any other purposes, if so you will place your self in breach of UK copyright laws. Do not print, copy or store any part of this site whatsoever unless in agreement with Werners Flying Watches. This includes computer systems and programs that take a copy of any parts of Werners Flying Watches.

Anyone who misuses or abuses the Werners Flying Watches website will have action taken against them in which Werners Flying Watches will seek full recovery of any losses incurred including all costs and damages. Werners Flying Watches will pursue all maters to the full extent of UK/European law.

Cancellations of any orders must be placed within 7 working days. Regretfully, Werners Flying Watches are unable to accept returns for goods that have been worn (Except, of course, in the unlikely event of a fault). It is the customer's duty to pay for the cost of returning goods. In addition he/she will be charged a 10% re-stock fee plus postage and packaging (The re-stock fee, again, not applicable in the unlikely even of a fault on reciept). All sealed items are not covered by this cancellation charge.

All the information on this site is as accurate as possible.Although we will do our very best, Werners Flying Watches will not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of information contained within this web site. Werners Flying Watches can not be held liable for any errors or inaccuracies on this web site. This also covers prices and descriptions of products on this site. Placing orders does not placeWerners Flying Watches under contract to supply products to specification or prices described on the site when an order has been placed. Any changes to prices or descriptions may change, if so you will be informed via email, phone or letter.

Any information Werners Flying Watches received at the time of ordering is held by a secure third party. Information is collected in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

No information will be passed on to any third party, except in the case of fraudulent transactions in which the relevant authorities will be told.

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